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Friends for Seniors is a service that provides assistance with everyday tasks  and provides companionship to Senior Citizens.

We are here to help in whatever non-medical capacity that we can.

Serving Romeo and close surrounding areas.

Think of us as the family member who has the extra time to spend with you or your loved one.

Friends for Seniors is designed to pair a "Friend" and a "Senior" together in hopes that a bond of lasting friendship will form.

Our hope is that with some assistance otherwise healthy seniors are able to hold onto their independence longer and stay in their own homes in lieu of  moving to a relatives home, retirement or assisted living facility. 

 However, if you have a loved one already in an assisted living or retirement community, or living with relatives Friends for Seniors can provide companionship and services on a regularly scheduled basis in those circumstances as well. 

It can be a difficult time in a seniors life when he/she struggles with the transition of being completely independent to partially independent.  The knowledge that a family member must take time out of their busy daily routine to help out can be frustrating to some seniors.  It can also be taxing on the family members over the long haul who give of their time day in and day out to help

Sometimes a strain develops between family members who give of their time on a consistent basis.  That is where Friends for Seniors can help tremendously.  By hiring a Friend for your Senior you are not only helping yourself but you are helping your loved one as well.  Our focus is to help remove the stress from both of your lives.

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