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About Us

I am so excited that you have taken the time to visit Friends For Seniors Website. I truly believe if you give the service a chance, it will help you tremendously.

My name is Vickie, I am a Certified Eldercare Specialist. I received my Certification from Macomb Community College in November 2012, and I am a wife, mother of three and a daughter to a wonderful dad who turned 81 this year.

My dad is my inspiration for starting this business.  I want to be available for him when the time comes that he needs me on a more regular basis.  

My dad is still pretty much independent and healthy for 81.  He has a little issue with getting around due to arthritis in his hip. He doesn't necessarily like to admit that he might need some help from time to time.  However, I am fortunate that I live close by so I drop in to check on him often.

The desire to help other people has always been a trait of mine. I am a people person and someone who very much enjoys giving back.  So whenever I have an opportunity to help, I do.  

 I have witnessed many of my friends go through very hard times being available on a regular basis for their parents and one common area of concern has been the time that it takes out of their day -- everyday.  

Out of respect for my own senior family member it is my desire to see that every senior feels respected, appreciated, and acknowledged for their accomplishments, and most importantly "NOT FORGOTTEN". Together we can work to make our family members feel valued. 

Seniors do not have to be alone nor do the children of seniors have to do it alone.
It is perfectly OK to seek help with the daily activities that our parents and relatives require.

Since our service is non-medical it is perhaps the first step in seeking assistance for yourself or your loved one.  

Friends for Seniors is the help that so many are looking for.  We focus on making your life easier by filling in where and when we are needed.  

Let us assist you with a daily check-in service,
trips out of the house for doctor appointments, hair appointments, shopping, entertainment, or lunches, providing companionship, or helping with daily tasks.

Let us know what your needs are and together we will come up with a plan designed around making your life stress-free.  It can't get any easier than that and no task is too small so give us a call.

Keep in mind that many seniors have no family close by.  If you know of someone in that situation please mention Friends for Seniors and pass along our contact information.

Contact Friends for Seniors for a free consultation by calling 586-817-5721 or email at

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